Music not the bling.

Lady Gaga took a moment to explain her thoughts on streaming during her most-recent performance of Enigma in Las Vegas.

She wishes there was more to choose from.

“I think streaming is great, OK? But you know what we need more of? We need there to be [more variety of music], so that we can listen to different genres of music all at the same time, and appreciate all the different types of artists that are out there, and that it’s not just one playlist and that we’re told and fed what to hear. Don’t you remember — maybe some of you don’t remember — but there was a time when there was pop, dance, rock and roll, pop, everything that you could imagine, it was all out there. […] And I really wish that for the world. I love streaming, I just want more variety. I think we can do it.”

Points 👏 have 👏 been 👏 made. 👏

Often times, streaming culture is persuaded by the mighty dollar. That means artists with less influence and fans, who release legitimately great music, have an insurmountable task of trying to break through the noise to be heard.

If streaming services shared more of a variety, listeners would not only digest different kinds of music, thus expanding their horizons, but artists on the rise would also become increasingly more visible.

What do YOU think? Is Gaga right? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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  1. She’s definitely right. BACK IN THE DAYS (omg I feel old just by saying that…) we would go to a record store and simply search through all the CDs and vinyls, one next to the other only ordered by the alphabet so you could find a pop artist right next to a heavy metal band! That was exciting and a discovery experience for sure. But now with ALGORITHMS based on our tastes and listening and search records the streaming services’ software gives us a customized buy also limited listening experience, and that’s what Gaga is saying. She’s right. It’s obviously convenient for every day use, but also extremely limiting.

  2. I would argue that the radio was the same thing streaming is, and because of streaming, a lot of genres that maybe wouldn’t be played on mainstream radio are thriving. But she is right. Streaming killed the excitement and genuine achievements you could reach as an artist putting in the work. Now you have people making songs in bedrooms (which is still cool) and putting them online, only to go viral and they’re being given 10x Platinum plaques and breaking records set by industry legends. It’s all kind of ridiculous but the music industry changes rapidly so often, in 15 years time we might be living in a completely different world with streaming and charts. 

  3. Well, of course, pop is promoted more because it is more profitable. But c’mon, if you want to dig deep to some indie stuff just look for it and it is there. Streaming actually helps those artists even by including them in playlists so you can like a track by random listening…

  4. I disagree. People like what they like. It’s basically like radio anyway. No one is being fed anything. If you don’t like it, “trip the station, change the channel.” Gaga is just upset cause she’s a pop artist and her sound is not appealing to the Gen Z babies cause they be all up on Post Malone (no shade) and all these new rappers with weird names (except G-Eazy. he’s BAE ❤) Only Ariana and Halsey are appealing to these Gen Z streaming babies because sonically, their sound (except for songs TUN & BWL, respectively) fits in with the Post Malones and the Lil Nas Xes and the Travis Scotts. Gaga is just saying these things because like any other popstar of today’s generation, the Taylor Swifts and the Ariana Grandes and the Nicki Minajs, they’re literally SO HUNGRY + they’re so into social media. They WANT THIS. They want the charts. They want the slayage. They’re so aware of the trends and the sounds and whats happening but only a few of them are able to/willing to adapt. Like Ariana and Taylor. Their songs now compared to before are like SUPER SHORT like just under or over 3 minutes. They’re clearly taking advantage of streaming platforms. I could go on. LOL

  5. Well, she’s definitely not wrong. Apple Music is primarily Hip/Hop and Pop focused. Almost every playlist is fixed with the same hip/hop and EDM songs, with the occasional Pop strewn in, like the Ariana Grande’s and Ed Sheeran’s of the moment.

    I can see why artists like Lady Gaga might be disappointed to see their grasp start to slip, just like the Britney’s and Christina’s before them, and the Madonna’s and Janet’s before. However, the point the she’s making is sound. New artists, independent artists, weird fusion artists …. these are rarely seen displayed online.

    I would say Spotify does a decent job, considering their wealth of playlists, but Apple Music has a long way to go when it comes to exposure

  6. Um, what’s the problem compiling your own playlist? I never use pre-made ones. But I do discover everything myself since long time ago. Gotta invest some time if you don’t want to be fed junk, you cook it yourself. I do use google tho, not spotify or apple xD

  7. I don’t fully understand what she is saying- I think if anything, streaming has allowed for that exact thing she is asking of. There are so many more indi artists being recognized than ever before because of streaming. Anyone can upload a song on to a streaming site and have it be accessible to millions of people. Sure streaming curates playlist and that push for the bigger artist. I challenge Lady Gaga to get into action, and help come up with a solution to giving artists of different genres more awareness, she has all the power to do so.

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