Watch Lady Gaga rock out to music from the legendary Nile Rodgers.

Walk, walk, fashion baby.

When Tom Ford dropped a 15-second preview on Thursday (Oct. 1) of Lady Gaga jamming out to an insane guitar riff, rumors ran rampant she might be releasing a new song titled “Funk The Punk.” We now know that’s not the case, as the full three-minute cut shows Mother Monster covering Chic’s 1978 hit “I Want Your Love.”

Nile Rodgers finally clarified why he Tweeted “Yeah baby!!” yesterday, adding a second message today (Oct. 2) saying “That’s what I’m talking about! #TomFord #nilerodgers #ladygaga #music #lyrics #chic #fashion #weareriotcity.”

It’s a dance party in the Nick Knight-directed commercial for Ford’s 2016 Women’s Spring/Summer line, showing off the label’s chic (get it) forward fashion sense.

Unfortunately this is not the new LG5 taste we were hoping for, but it certainly leaves the door open to stay amped up for new tunes… eventually!

Watch Gaga for Tom Ford below: