There’s a special bond between a pet and its owner. After a long night out with your friends, you may or may not want to return home and cook an entire DiGiorno pepperoni pizza for yourself. In the event you do, your dog will still love you without judgement. In the event you tour the world for months and leave your precious baby behind because customs is intense like that, your dog will, again, still love you without judgement.

Though she was gone for weeks, Lady Gaga wrapped up the Australian leg of her “ARTPOP” tour and flew home to a surprise visit from her dog Asia.

A handful of paparazzi captured the moment between Gaga (who dressed in a blazer and fishnets, naturally) and her pooch.

She told fans:

Ears are back she was mad at mommy for leaving but it’s ok I gave her a pink couch and she forgave me

Because every dog wants a pink couch.

See the reunion here: