To appease the BeyHive.

Beyonce stans who bought tickets to see their idol perform at Coachella this year won’t get to see Queen B in all her glory, but they might still hear her music.

Take this with a grain of salt, but HollywoodLife claims Lady Gaga, who famously replaced Beyonce after the “Formation” singer announced she was pregnant with twins, will reportedly work in a medley of Beyonce songs into her setlist. It’s worth mentioning the time Justin Bieber lambasted HollywoodLife, saying they were “the most outrageous fake weird non factual garbage website I’ve ever seen.” Proceed with caution.

Here’s what their anonymous source is alleging: “Lady Gaga is ready for Coachella and is figuring out some surprises to do for her shows. People who are still disappointed that Beyonce will not be there still might get a taste of Beyonce during Gaga‘s performances.”

They add: “Along with singing ‘Telephone,’ Gaga is trying to figure out what classic Beyonce songs she could do for a medley during her show. It is going to be an impressive show all around as Gaga wants to make it different from her regular tour set. She wants to make the surprises memorable and worth it.”

Gaga’s lead choreographer, Richy Jackson, didn’t comment on the rumor, but he did open up to EW about their challenges creating a show specifically for Coachella with such short notice.

“There’s not a lot of time, so everything’s just got to be on point,” he said. “We have to know who to call to get what done, there’s no time to take any chances. Once the meetings are done, it’s creating the setlist, making changes to the setlist. Then on top of that, getting music together, outfits, and the whole nine.”

Richy mentions the show will clock in at more than an hour and that nothing is set in stone (including the setlist) – even one day before she takes the stage. “Literally, as soon as we get off stage, I can say we’ve locked it,” he said. “No matter who I’m working with, I’ve never been like, ‘We’re good.’ I mean, I feel good, but until we get off that stage and everyone has the moment of their lives, nothing is ever locked.”

Gaga’s first Coachella performance is slated for 11:20 p.m. PST on Saturday (April 15). Stay tuned to see if Gaga honors Bey with that medley… or not.

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