Lady Gaga says her **** scenes are “an opportunity to be fearless.”

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Lady Gaga sees her role on AHS as a chance to take risks.

Lady Gaga joined her American Horror Story: Hotel cast mates Sunday night (Oct. 4) at FX’s exclusive screening for the upcoming season. We’re still in the dark about all the grim details from the kick-off episode, but critics are already raving over it!

Gaga’s opening scene is a foursome with co-star Matt Bomer where they eventually kill the other couple with razor-sharp gloves and drink their blood.

“They don’t scare me, those scenes,” Gaga told Access Hollywood. “It’s an opportunity to be fearless,” she added. “In a strange way, I think I almost prefer to watch myself in a love scene, because I know that I have to be completely honest in order to achieve something that looks authentic and feels real,” she said. “I’m trying to see that authenticity in myself all the time on film.”

She learned just to give herself entirely to the role.

“Sometimes, when you’re thinking too much about things you plan them out and you’re more robotic in your performance.”

“I’m just so happy to be here and I feel really honored to be part of such a talented cast,” Gaga told reporters at the event.

Gaga was accompanied by fiancé Taylor Kinney, saying “I’m so happy that he’s here. He’s just been really supportive and teaching me everything that I could ever learn about TV.”

The reviews are in:
E! News said, “Sophisticated, **** and scary as hell. In. So In. And Lady Gaga is fantastic. The first scene with Gaga and Matt Bomer might be my favorite so far of the entire series. Terrifying and jaw-dropping.”

Buzzfeed raved: “Loved the premiere and I feel like we’ve only seen the tip of this insane iceberg. Gaga is everything you want and more, Paulson rocked my world, there’s a murder tableau that rivals Seven and Matt Bomer has never been sexier — and I’ve done the research.”

Another outlet added (via Gaga Daily): “I have two words to say about the first episode of American Horror Story: Lady Gaga.”

❤️thank you Ryan for believing in me and being there for me also as a real friend

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American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT on FX.

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