Lady Gaga says it’s a huge honor.

Lady Gaga Receives Contemporary Icon Award

Lady Gaga was honored for her outstanding musical achievements at the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards.

To celebrate Gaga’s iconic status in pop culture as a songwriter-artist, she received the first-ever Songwriters Hall of Fame Contemporary Icon Award at Thursday’s Gala in New York City.

Before accepting her award, Gaga sang Linda Perry’s 4 Non Blondes’ collaboration for “What’s Up.”

“I can personally say it was my dream to someday be like Linda Perry,” Gaga said. “Four Non Blondes was the first album my father ever gave me. He said ‘this is what the kids at the office are into,’ and I thought my dad was cool … The song that I just sang changed my life. Now, I say ‘isn’t that what a ******* hit song is about?’”

Perry said, “It’s a humbling and amazing journey when you write a song in your bedroom, and you’ve got no money, and you’re trying to write a song based on where you’re at right at this moment. My roommate came out from having *** with her girlfriend and said ‘What was that? Bring it to rehearsal!’ And that song was ‘What’s Up.’ And now one of the biggest recording artists just sang it. It’ll never get old to hear a song that I wrote on the radio, or to hear what someone experienced what they heard a song I wrote… And you will be hearing a song about how I’m feeling right now.”

Later, Perry returned the favor, singing Gaga’s “Bad Romance” then introduced Gaga’s “Cheek To Cheek” collaborator Tony Bennett, who hopped on stage to honor Mother Monster with her Songwriters Hall of Fame award.

“I thought I would know what to say when I got up here, but I didn’t realize how much it would affect me hearing Linda sing my song,” she said. “It was something out of a childhood dream or a fantasy, because what I was thinking when I was sitting there and my mom was handing me napkins: ‘If they only knew how many bad songs I wrote before that one.’

She added, “I’ve had some ups and downs and in-betweens, but you’ve chosen to honor me for the only thing that I know I have, which is my heartbeat: that I write songs.”

After the show, Gaga posted several pictures on Instagram with the captions:

Linda’s cover of Bad Romance had me balling from my seat. She performed for me right before Tony gave me the award. What a night. Bad Romance I’ll never forget writing this song with @redone. Hearing it last night and being honored for my songwriting was a trip from outer space.

The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame Contemporary Icon Award. This has to be my favorite award I’ve ever gotten. I still remember dragging my keyboard up the stair of my walk up to play songwriter showcases and apply to be in songwriting forums where I could play my music for other artists and we’d critique each other. I was 15 then. I’m 29 now. In my head this is how I planned it, following all the roads I thought were right. But i’m not sure I thought about what I’d do if I never made it. Cuz I’d forever be trying.

Congratulations, Gaga!
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