Don’t call me Gaga.

Don’t call me Gaga.

When it comes to the A Star Is Born remake, Lady Gaga is distancing herself from the mega pop star persona she’s created. People claims Gaga will be credited by her birth name in the film.

Vulture wrote a shady post about it. “The upcoming remake of A Star Is Born will not star Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga will not sing in the film. Lady Gaga will not appear on any promotional posters. The film will, however, star Stefani Germanotta,” they write. “This is serious cinema, after all, and Bradley, Stefani, and their characters’ matching haircuts demand to be treated as the artists they are!” Rude.

That must mean Stefani Germanotta will contribute original music to the film’s soundtrack, not Lady Gaga. Her debut release? A song called “The Shallow.” Germanotta’s co-star, Bradley Cooper, who also directed the flick, confirmed the song title to EW.

“There’s a moment when Jackson first brings Ally on stage that feels like something very special,” Cooper says. “It’s a song [Stefani] had written with Mark Ronson called ‘The Shallow.’ The song Jason Isbell wrote for Jackson became the staple, the sword with which a lot of the music spawned from me. And he sent that early on in the demo through Dave Cobb, who’s a producer out of Nashville I worked with, who was fantastic–especially in creating the aesthetic of Jackson’s instruments.”

EW also poses a valid question: How do the songs fit into the film? I’m curious as to what story you guys are trying to tell through the music, whether that’s lyrically or how the music compliments character? Is there a uniting thread?

Cooper responds: “It’s an integral part of the entire story. Even the lyrics and where the songs fall in the movie — all have to do with the story. It’s a major artery of the entire film.”

It’s interesting that Gaga wants to promote the film as Stefani Germanotta. I imagine she feels that ~Lady Gaga~ could overshadow her work as an actress, but it’s gotten her this far. I feel a bit sad about this.

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