Watch four new previews of A Star Is Born before its official premiere on October 5th.



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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are going to sweep awards season in 2019. Bookmark me. Forbes predicts Gaga will win Best Actress at the Oscars. The hype is REAL.

To extend the hype, check out four new trailers for film. There’s no denying the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper is anything but electric!




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Film critics are applauding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born.

I’m not familiar with English film critic, Peter Bradshaw, but I trust his judgement. He posted a video from the Venice Film Festival ranting and raving over how “brilliant” Gaga and Cooper are in A Star Is Born.

Peter Bradshaw knows what’s up.





Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper grace the cover of EW mag to promote their new movie, a remake of A Star Is Born.



On newsstands tomorrow. @entertainmentweekly

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70 Million Reasons: Lady Gaga’s Trailer For ‘A Star Is Born’ Blazes The Internet

The perfect preview does exist.

Just wanted to inform you in less than a week, the trailer for Lady Gaga’s Bradley Cooper-directed film, a remake of A Star Is Born, received more than 70 million views. Avatar is shaking.



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In case you’ve been living under a very large rock, Lady Gaga stars in Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born. The movie is based on William Wellman’s 1937 film. The film marks Cooper’s debut as a feature director.

The trailer premiered at CinemaCon in April, and it received rave reviews. Read more about that here.

It even has Barbra Streisand’s seal of approval (she starred in the 1976 remake)!

That trailer is now available for us all to enjoy. In it, Cooper and Gaga give viewers a glimpse at their whirlwind romance and rise to stardom. It also previews a new rock-tinged ballad Gaga cooked up with Mark Ronson (Joanne).

“It all came down to this broken love story, and there’s no better way to express that than through singing because there’s nowhere to hide when you’re singing. Your whole body is electrified,” Cooper told EW of the film. “That was the initial igniter of the passion for me… then, it was about going back and watching the other versions, and each one had many merits, and I wanted to make sure that this movie paid homage to and was aware of the [others], and honored [them] as another incarnation, while at the same time being a very personal movie that lives on its own.”


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Watch below:



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