Lady Gaga performs at White House Anti Abuse Rally

April 7, 2016 By Jessica

Singer described as “one of the bravest survivors” by Vice President Joe Biden.


Lady Gaga performs live at “It’s On Us” rally.

Continuing her admirable campaign raising awareness for abuse victims, Gaga took to the University of Nevada’s stage to perform her Oscar nominated Til It Happens To You:

Gaga made a statement after her stunning performance about the importance of caring for the people around you: “What I’ve learned is that the most powerful form of feeling is compassion, so if you can simply be a friend to someone and truly listen, truly lend your ear, even if it’s hard or you don’t understand. You will be fulfilling the sense of loneliness that has stayed with me ever since the day I was abused.”

More info on the campaign is available HERE.