Check out Lady Gaga’s partnership with Intel here.


Lady Gaga returned to the Grammy stage to honor the late David Bowie.

“Bad Romance” star Lady Gaga gave an powerful and moving medley of five of David Bowie’s most loved hits tonight, remembering the superstar who passed away at age 69 on January 10th of this year.

Kicking off with a somber piano rendition of “Space Oddity,” Gaga transitioned seamlessly into the likes of “Fashion,” “Let’s Dance” and performance highlight “Heroes.” Nile Rodgers joined Gaga for the tribute.

Gaga looked and sounded incredible, she undoubtedly did Ziggy Stardust proud and the performance was an obvious success. Her partnership with Intel is arguably a little less obvious, and the convoluted commercial that followed did nothing to clear the matter up. Baffling technological pairings notwithstanding, a triumphant night for Lady Gaga.

What did you think of Gaga’s performance?