Lady Gaga explains why ‘Joanne’ is her most personal record to date.

Lady Gaga explains why Joanne is her most personal record to date.

In two new interviews (one with 102.7 KIIS FM, the other with the Zach Sang Show), Gaga beautifully articulates how she used inspiration from her family’s past to materialize intimate material for her fans.

“I never met her, she died when she was 19,” Gaga said of her dad’s sister via GagaDaily. “I saw letters between my father and her. It was heartbreaking because I have a sister and I thought, ‘Man if I just came home from college one day and my parents told she was dead.’ I can’t even… I thought to myself, ‘Am I ever gonna know my real dad?’ I feel like like my dad probably died that day. When you go through something like that it changes you forever.”

“I just want to make my dad proud,” she added. “The truth is, when you turn to your dad and you wrote The Fame and The Fame Monster, which are great records, it’s awesome, you know. You do this whole thing in the world, it explodes. Your dad’s so proud. Great. Then you do Born This Way and my father was mostly proud of me for its message. And then you do ARTPOP and you do something for yourself and your dad’s proud of that. But then you do something that’s connected to your whole family history and to the world.”

Gaga continued: “When I wrote this record I wanted for my fans and the people that weren’t to be friends. Somebody that loves that kind of music thinks, ‘I would never get along with that person. I wouldn’t be cool with that person. I don’t hang with people that like country music. I don’t hang with people that like pop music. I don’t hang with people who like dance or funk or soul or electronic.’ I just put it all together in her spirit hoping that it would bring people together. And now I look at my dad it’s like now he’s really proud. Because it’s the most classic story of my life. He just said to me, ‘I don’t know how you need like knew what I would have said if I had a chance to say goodbye.'”

Listen to both interviews above and below (the latter of which includes a new snippet off the album of “Hey Girl” sans Florence Welch).

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