She didn’t see it coming.

Lady Gaga had a hard time grasping her newfound stardom.

You’ll have to excuse Lady Gaga for showing up nearly an hour late to her interview with RuPaul; her schedule is insane. In between recording sessions and prepping for Coachella, Gaga managed to carve out 20 minutes to chat with RuPaul and Michelle Visage on Ru’s podcast “What’s The Tee?”

As she makes her way into the room, Ru and Michelle are mid-story about a ring Gaga lost at a show in Melbourne. Gaga explains how her Cartier knock-off was never recovered, but shared an endearing story of losing a pair of sunglasses once only to have a Little Monster return them years later.

Then things took a turn for the real. Gaga opened up about her meteoric rise to fame – she assumed that was what happens to up and comers, but it’s left her cautious.

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“I don’t think I will ever ever feel comfortable,” Gaga says. But she’s close. “90% of the time don’t give a **** if someone has a camera in my face while I’m at the grocery store.”

She adds: “I used to really shut down, get emotional, run to my car and cry, hold my security guard and weep in the arms of people that I didn’t even maybe know that well… I really had a hard time.”

Listen to the interview below (Gaga’s part starts at 53:00):

Speaking of Ru… he has a new album coming out this Friday titled American. Listen to the album title track below:

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