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Lady Gaga’s new single is reportedly on its way. It’s rumored to be titled “Stupid Love.” Over the weekend, a low quality version leaked on Twitter, then subsequently removed for copyright infringement. Gaga also accidentally(?) revealed the song title last October.

The song title was also found in the source code on Gaga’s official website. Little Monsters dug through her site and discovered the name in a string of php/html. Gaga’s team swiftly changed it from “Stupid Love” to “sjsjjdndjdju.” 🤓

UPDATE: A second new song title was discovered in the source code: “All The Lovers.”

The Sun, who accurately called The Pussycat Dolls reunion weeks before it was announced, claims the new tune arrives on February 7. If true, it’s the lead single from Gaga’s sixth studio album – it supposedly sounds “very pop.”

“Gaga has been working hard in the studio for the last year and is really excited about what she’s got,” the unnamed source said. “She is sticking to what she is good at and the first single is very pop.”

They added: “She knows she can’t spend too long away from the industry so wants to come back now while there’s still so much love for her.”

It’s worth mentioning Gaga’s biggest fan-site, Gaga Daily, says her team denied the report; take this with a grain of salt.

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  1. I don’t know anymore. 😪 Remember were also rumblings of an Adele last November. I just want all the pop girls back. I’m so sick of “alt pop” and “edgy pop”. I want gay pop.

  2. She first wanted his bad romance and now she wants his stupid love? (…..)
    I love ’80s sounding songs but I’m kinda tired of them already. Are they still a thing? Should they?
    This is a nice song… Like, for a disco or an arena show with friends or fellow fans, but definitely NOT for first single material.
    Uggh and you can tell that it was produced by BloodPop, that guy washes down all the songs he works on, my worst fear about him producing some of her new music came a reality… I don’t think this is a demo, this must be the finished product; the thing is that this is the way he likes his songs to sound like… I don’t get it.

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