Lady Gaga: My Label Chose ‘Perfect Illusion’ As Lead Single

September 18, 2016 By James Dinh

Over the weekend, the singer spoke about the release with iHeartRadio.


Hear what the pop star had to say about the discussions leading up to the release.

Its only been a week since Lady Gaga unleashed her comeback tune, “Perfect Illusion,” and it’s say to say that the single has already generated an avalanche of commotion. As BreatheHeavy editors discussed in our Ying Yang reviews of the song, it’s one of those records that has folks dissecting it from all angles — for better or for worse.

On Saturday (September 17), Mother Monster added one more layer to the discussion during her weekend co-hosting gig with iHeartRadio’s Romeo, letting listeners in on some insight leading up to its release.

“I actually didn’t choose it. I write the music and make the music and sing music, but I didn’t choose the single. The single was chose by, you know, the record label and a lot of people that work with me. We all decided as a team and together that we liked it as the first song.

Mother Monster said that she doesn’t think “Perfect Illusion” is an ideal example of the rest of Joanne, but described the cut as a tune with “a strong fire to it.” “I love the statement. I love what it’s talking about. It feels to me like a message that is timeless, but also, you know, really modern [with] how we experience love nowadays. It’s so hard to know if people are real or not,” she continued.

Expect the Ruth Hogben-directed video for “Perfect Illusion” when it debuts on Tuesday (September 20) during the season two premiere of “Scream Queens” on FOX at 9 p.m. EST.

Click here to hear Lady Gaga talk about “Perfect Illusion.”

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