Lady Gaga fans are writing bad reviews about Marvel’s new Venom movie in the hopes that it deters moviegoers from seeing it.

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It shouldn’t, but this warms my heart. BreatheHeavy existed pre-social media, and fanbases loved a good sabotage campaign. Can’t say I agree with it, but I’m feeling nostalgic.

Little Monsters are banding together to get Gaga a No. 1 at the box office this weekend when A Star Is Born premieres (October 5th).

They fear Venom, which also debuts on Friday, will claim the top spot and that’s just not going to fly, so they started flooding Twitter with awful reviews of Venom despite not having ever seen it.

I admire this f–kery so much, but it’s pretty desperate. However, a win’s a win!

I’m just going to leave these here, and if you feel inspired to leave Venom a negative review, well, you’re a free *****, baby.

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