Lil Pump claims Lady Gaga is featured on his forthcoming record, Harverd Dropout.

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It’s taking a lot of mental energy not to snap, because I whole-heartedly believe rapper Lil Pump (here’s his Wikipedia page, you’re welcome) is trolling when he told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that there’s a Lady Gaga collab on his new record, out Feb. 22. I’m thirsty for a new Gaga banger.

In the interview, Lowe asks LP to divulge one collaborator featured on the record. His response was: “Lady Gaga. I got Lady Gaga on the album, what’s up? It’s going down!”

The guy is notorious for these kinds of shenanigans. For example, Pump recently mentioned he had a collab with Shakira on the way, and yeah… he didn’t.

I guess it’s clever marketing cause here we are, the collective blogosphere, pretending this could actually be a thing, but really deep down we know this is a clickable article, and well… hits, baby.

Pump also has a new video out for a song titled “Racks on Racks.” You’ve made it this far, so might as well give it a play below (or don’t).

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