Lady Gaga Leaked Her Own Music To Spite Her Label

Lady Gaga is an artist that takes her career into her own hands, including leaking some of her own music simply to piss off her record label.

Love it!

A fan recently chatted with Mother Monster who shared interesting tidbits of music news we’d never know otherwise.

What you need to know:

  • She is concentrating on her album with Tony Bennett, but would love to put out a B-side album with tracks from “The Fame,” “The Fame Monster,” “Born This Way” and “ARTPOP.”
  • Talked about a new song off “Cheek To Cheek” titled “Paradise.” It’s was inspired from a poem that her aunt Joanne wrote before she died – about wanting to see what heaven was like.
  • She’s aware the ARTPOP single release schedule was a mess. If she could have had her way, she would’ve released “Aura” first. Because she couldn’t, she leaked it herself.
  • The song she’s most proud of? “The one that I’m writing right now,” she said.
  • It’s crazy to think record labels gets the last say in an artist’s career. Or do they?