Lady Gaga had some choice words for Dr. Luke’s legal team in her deposition defending Kesha amidst their ongoing sexual abuse lawsuit.

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Gaga experienced symptoms of PTSD leading up to the deposition, as she is a sexual abuse survivor.

“I just want everyone to understand that, as she has publicly stated in other contexts, as a *** abuse survivor, and I know this from my own personal experience with family members, there are trigger events, and this deposition has proved to be a trigger event for Ms. Germanotta,” Gaga’s lawyer began.

“And she has experienced in the past few hours some PTSD reactions which is causing some trauma and emotional reactivity. So she is crying now the record will reflect.”

Gaga explains how she first met Kesha, and her experience of watching the singer unravel due to the alleged sexual abuse. “What we discussed was, what I recall was her immense sadness and depression and fear. She was visibly very different than when I had seen her before.”

Luke’s lawyers tried twisting Gaga’s arm to say something they could use against her, like whether Kesha’s accusations have damaged Luke’s reputation or not.

“Reputation, if you are asking about his reputation in the world, I don’t feel at liberty to speak for the entire world,” Gaga said. “So if you are asking what my view is of his reputation, I made my view of him and his reputation when I saw her in that back room. That was an image that – of something that happened to me, and I felt and knew in my heart that she was telling the truth, and I believe her.”

Here is a copy + paste excerpt from The Blast that provides intimate details of the continued conversation:

Luke’s lawyer then asked, “With respect to Mr. Gottwald himself, you have absolutely no personal knowledge or information as to any interaction between him and Ms. Sebert, correct, physical or otherwise?”

Gaga replied, “Yes, I do have knowledge.”

The lawyer asked her to explain and Gaga revealed, “She told me he assaulted her.” The lawyer asked if she had nothing other than what Kesha told her, to which the singer then responded, “Well, you know – when men assault women, they don’t invite people over to watch.”

Lady Gaga continued, “And when this happens in this industry, it is kept extremely secret, and it is compounded by contracts and manipulative power scenarios that actually include this very situation that we are all in right now.”

The lawyer went in to ask, “But, again, there are people that are falsely accused of ****, aren’t there? You think there has never been a false accusation of ****?”

At that point, Gaga was clearly not appreciating the line of questions and said to the female lawyer questioning her, “You – how about all of the women that are accused of being liars and how she was **** shamed in front of the world, how about that?”

The lawyer rephrased her question to ask what happens when it’s a he-said/she-said situation.

Gaga responded, “I believe it to be true.”

She continued, “I have factual knowledge of her depression. I have factual knowledge of her need for support and love. I have factual knowledge of the spiral that I watched that girl go down. I have factual knowledge of trauma. I am informed and intelligent about this issue. That girl has experienced serious trauma and she is in the middle of the right now. And you are all a party to it.” the

Gaga added, “Why on earth would this girl tell the entire world this happened? Why on earth? Do you know what it’s like for survivors? Do you know what it’s like to tell people? Don’t you roll you eyes at me. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

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Lady Gaga calls Katy Perry “a kind soul” in light of damaging text messages exchanged with Kesha regarding the Dr. Luke lawsuit.

Newly-released court documents reveal the text messages Lady Gaga and Kesha sent each other about Katy Perry.

“was crying a lot today and needed my mom. I’m really upset with Katy Perry,” Kesha texted Gaga, according to Us Weekly. “she could bring the whole thing to a head but she won’t.”

Kesha also texted Gaga she heard Katy “was raped by the same man,” referring to Dr. Luke, who’s embroiled in a nasty legal battle with Kesha, who accuses the producer of sexual assault and ****. Katy went on the record earlier this year and denied Luke ever raped her. When asked in a deposition about the allegation, Katy responded, “absolutely not.”

In the new documents, Gaga said Katy was “probably really afraid to lose everything,” adding “U are really strong standing up to him, she’s not as strong as u yet.”

Kesha replied, “your [sic] right. I need to find sympathy and empathy for her. she’s so mean. it’s hard.” Gaga responded, “Do u want me to see if I can talk to her. I know she’s mean. … She makes me angry about s–t [but] I just try to have empathy for her.”

Elsewhere in Katy’s deposition, she wrote “they think I was raped and I was not,” she said.

“People were generally very angry at me for not saying anything,” she said during her deposition, adding she “felt pressured” to defend Kesha.

“I want to stay out of it because I know them both [Kesha and Dr. Luke] and I empathize with both of them and obviously it’s a horrible situation for both of them,” Perry continued. “And the only two people that know what really went on are those two people.”

Gaga sang a different tune in light of the released court docs. The A Star Is Born singer Tweeted she and Katy are friends and have moved passed any past conflict.

“@katyperry & I have grown up in the industry together,” she wrote. “We’ve gone through both celebrations & differences w/ each other. These are old texts. We’ve matured, gotten over the past, love each other & share deep respect.”

She added: “Katy is my friend and is truly a kind soul. End of story.”

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