Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were rumored to have a project in the works… together.

UPDATE: A representative from the Communications department at the New York Philharmonic tell us Maestro van Zweden was indeed approached by Katy and Gaga, but… separately. In other words, that collab is a no-go. Here’s their statement:

“[We] believe that Maestro van Zweden intended to communicate that he was approached individually by Lady Gaga and, separately, Katy Perry, about working with him in the future, rather than stating that the two artists wish to work together in a collaboration with Maestro van Zweden.”

Life = ruined. Thanks, Philharmonic.

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The Pop Gods have blessedt us! There’s buzz pulsing through the worldwide web claiming the two pop stars are collaborating on a secret project together.

Conductor Jaap van Zweden spilled the beans. He said in a new interview with Quote Net that Gaga and Katy approached him to “work together.”

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The interview is a rough translation from Dutch to English:

“After the broadcast, I was approached by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. They were impressed and would like to work together,” he said.

“Soon I’ll be flying to Vegas to plan together… It’s fun to make these kinds of musical trips, but then you have to work with the world top. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are fantastic singers, so I’m looking forward to it.”

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Though the two had a “feud” way back when, they’ve since made up and publicly support each other now –– most recently, Katy attended Gaga’s Enigma opening in Vegas.

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There are several theories floating around.

1.) The guy has no idea what he’s talking about. My brain immediately jumped to that cause it sounds too good to be true.

2.) They have a new collab in the works(!!!!!!!).

3.) He’s working with Gaga and Katy… but separately.

4.) It’s jazz related… hear me out. Katy is performing at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans beginning in April. Gaga is well versed in performing jazz – maybe the two will unite on stage together. Mother Monster giving Katy a proper intro to the earliest form of pop… my heart can’t take this.

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