Lady Gaga is giving you a million reasons to love “Million Reasons.”


Lady Gaga is giving you a million reasons to love “Million Reasons.”

The public’s reaction to Joanne has been curious, to say the least.

Mother Monster released “Perfect Illusion” to appease her label, but if money didn’t talk she would have likely aimed for “A-Yo,” which the pop star dubbed a certified smash. However, the people have spoken, and they’re enjoying the Hillary Lindsey-co-penned ballad “Million Reasons.”

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The song shot up to No. 1 on iTunes following her now-viral performance of it on Carpool Karaoke (at the time of posting, it sits at No. 9), and it’s now being sent off to radio, GagaDaily reports.

They also claim a music video is currently being shot and will debut towards the end of November.

At her final Dive Bar show in L.A. last Thursday (Oct. 27), Gaga marveled at the song shooting up the charts:

“We’re so excited to play this song because right now this is the number one on on iTunes in the United States. I just want you to know that when I saw that I felt so heard as a woman. And you know what, if I’m heard, that means you’re heard. I just wanted to tall all those women and men who bought that song that I can f***ing hear you. And every time I sing this song I can hear you in my heart singing with me.”

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