Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Is Ghost-Chic In NYC

Lady Gaga's Ghost-Chic In NYC

Lady Gaga causes a scene wherever she goes in New York City, and her daily outing on Friday was no different.

Mother Monster embraced this flowy ensemble as she held a bouquet of flowers while out and about. Maybe she’s posing as a blushing bride to counter-act the major backlash she received yesterday after clips from her “Do What U Want” music video leaked.

She scrapped the video because having a convicted underage *** offender co-star with an alleged sexual predator directing the video for a song titled “Do What U Want” (with my body) is a little icky.

As the afternoon progressed, Gaga decided the attention wasn’t enough and opted for ANOTHER look to be photographed in:

Lady Gaga's Ghost-Chic In NYC