“Studio studio studio.”


Still SHOOK! Gaga hopped onto Instagram to share a selfie. In her caption, the “Million Reasons” singer revealed she’s looking forward to performing at Coachella, but in the mean time will be recording new music. “Can’t wait for COACHELLA! Until then studio studio studio.”

Can't wait for COACHELLA! Until then studio studio studio✌️??

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When Lady Gaga heard “Million Reasons” on the radio today (March 7), she took the opportunity to film herself singing it and posted it onto SnapChat. Oh yeah, and revealed she was en route to the recording studio(!!!).

Who knows what Gaga has up her sleeve. She could be recording new background vocals for the Joanne Tour / Coachella. Or she could be working on that supposed Joanne followup that’s rumored to drop in October. Either way, Gaga in a recording studio is music to our ears. Heh, get it?

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