Watch Lady Gaga In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Season Premiere

October 7, 2015 By Jordan Miller

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Stream: Lady Gaga In American Horror Story: Hotel Season Premiere

If looks could kill, Lady Gaga would’ve taken more lives than she did in the season premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel Wednesday night.

Though she didn’t appear until halfway through the hour-long episode, her debut as The Countess was sinister and gruesome. She and her lover Donovan, played by actor Matt Bomer, partake in a drug-fueled *** binge – picking up an unsuspecting couple at a movie in the park for a little fun. Things take a turn during their foursome when Gaga and Bomer slash the throats of the couple and proceed to drink their blood.

Gaga makes another cameo during a scene when a girl trapped in the hotel makes a break for it and again during a flashback sequence when Bomer’s character is out from a drug overdose (“your boy has jawline for days”).

Her presence nearly overpowered the accompanying characters, but Murphy made sure to share the spotlight and not make it, as Lady Gaga put it, The Gaga Show.

In case you missed it, watch here (via GagaDaily):