Isn’t she though?


Isn’t she though?

Lady Gaga may have named her first album The Fame, but she had no idea how the white hot spotlight would feel once she achieved it.

During a new sit-down interview with Jamie Lee Curtis for the fourth season of Variety and PBS’ “Actors on Actors” series, Gaga and Curtis discuss the properties of fame in the digital age.

“I don’t think I could think of a single thing that’s more isolating than being famous,” said Gaga to Curtis, who told Mother Monster flat-out she dislikes that side to her celebrity.

“It’s almost impossible for people even to probably look at my career and the things I’ve done and think, ‘Oh, she didn’t want [that] — of course she wanted to be famous, of course she wanted all that attention.’ It’s just, creative expression is what I am and I would’ve been doing this whether I became famous or not.”

Gaga adds it’s “very hard to not be able to engage with people in a real and honest way because they either want something from me or they see me as something that I simply am not,” she said. “I am not some goddess that dropped down from the sky to sing pop music, I am not some extra-incredible human person that needs to be told how wonderful they are all day and kissed.”

Curtis asserts that it’s impossible to change the fame culture right now, but Gaga disagrees and is willing to bet she can.

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The news follows Elton John’s admission he’s heard two or three songs from the Mark Ronson-produced record, calling it “absolutely brilliant,” and claims it drops later this year or early next year.

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