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Lady Gaga Holds 20-Minute Prayer Session On Instagram Live

“I am calm. I am light.”

“I am calm. I am light.”

Those are the mantras Lady Gaga quietly whispered during a 20-minute moment of silence / prayer / meditation session she hosted on Instagram Live for over 25,000 people. It’s a peaceful response to the horrific shooting that took place at the Route 91 Harvest festival on Sunday (Oct. 1) that left more than 58 people dead and 515+ injured.

“My intention is to provide a forum for us all connect to around the world, as a calling for world peace and inner peace. We are one body, I believe we can calm inflammation in the earth by calming each other. #meditation #prayer #silence,” she said in a post prior to the session. “If you choose to meditate with me I will explain how meditation is important in my life and how I will be doing I practice it before we get started. See you then ✌️ It will be very helpful to be in a quiet dark space, but anywhere is fine as long as we’re together.”

Gaga also explained how she alternates between mantras which she finds “very affective for calming down my nervous system.”

“Silence and prayer are all welcome. This is time for you and us to come together in unity and peace.”

The session has since ended, but you can re-watch a video of it / participate here.

See you in 18 min on Instagram Live

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