Lady Gaga Has A Song With TLC

Lady Gaga recorded a song with TLC, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

TLC confirmed the next album album they release is their last and final (boo) but it’s set to have some major features, including Mother Monster (yay). The track they did with Gaga might not make the cut because the duo want to start fresh. Then again, if there’s a demand for the feature they may include it, and I’m fairly confident there is.

“The idea is to start entirely fresh,” TLC tells Time, “but we won’t say no to a song that our fans listen to and say, ‘We love it, and we want that record on the album!’ We will definitely take that into consideration. The song that we did with Dallas that Lady Gaga did originally is a great song. It turned out really good. I don’t know. We definitely won’t throw it away.”

Okay, well we’ll say it: ‘We love it, and we want that record on the album!’ TLC are iconic in their own right, and Lady Gaga’s one of the world’s biggest musicians because she’s versatile and passionate. Have we heard the song? No, but anything these three women produce is musical gold. Then again, it does have the capacity to be a slow motion train-wreck, and we’re here for that as well.

Did that do the trick?

Definitely. [Gaga’s] so amazing. We love her. It’s funny because when she first met Tionne [T-Boz], she started crying, and Tionne’s daughter [Chase] was with her — you know, our kids are so used to us, we’re like moms. So when Chase saw Lady Gaga, who she loved so much, crying over her mom, she went, ‘Wow, my mom is really cool!’ [Laughs] That was such a neat moment. And to hear [Gaga] say that our song ‘Waterfalls’ really helped her to be more confident about herself — both of us aren’t the norm, and that’s great! That’s what makes you special.

Lady Gaga’s currently recording a pop record at the moment, too, so at the very least they could include it on Gaga’s record for the Little Monsters – most of which were in diapers when TLC peaked. We’ll forgive them.

Are you here for a TLC / Lady Gaga collaboration?

Note: they are not their hair.