Lady Gaga Gets Quote Of The Day

Lady Gaga comes for singers who don’t write their own stuff.

She’s really come into her own since exploring jazz as an adult, gaining a confidence to strike down any artist who doesn’t share a similar music outlook as hers.

Gaga tells Yahoo! artists should write their own music, otherwise they basic.

“If you’re not gonna write your own music you better be able to blow. Because if you can’t blow, there’s no reason to do the job. But then you think about artists that can’t really sing, that have songs written for them, and it’s like, well why are they artists? Why are companies paying money to promote them? Because they’re beautiful and look good on camera and are kinda-sorta singing along? It’s like karaoke for pretty girls. When you’re a singer-songwriter it doesn’t really matter if you’re beautiful. What matters is that you create a relationship with your fans, and they care what you have to say.”

Who do you think she’s referring to?

Do you agree?

Lady Gaga Gets Quote Of The Day