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“Hey Girl.”

Lady Gaga revealed the title and lyrics for her upcoming collaboration with Florence Welch during a new interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran.

Gaga is making the rounds in New York City to promote her new lead LG5 single “Perfect Illusion,” which includes a titillating revelation about her upcoming duet with the Florence + The Machine front-woman which is titled “Hey Girl.”

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“Florence and I when we were working together we cried, we laughed, we hugged each other,” she said of working with Welch via GagaDaily. The lyrics open with Gaga singing, “Hey girl can you hear me, are you holding out your heart,” to which Welch responds, “Hey girl can you feel me, sometimes I go too far.” Gaga then sings, “Hey girl it ain’t easy I know it’s pulling me apart. Hey girl don’t you leave me. Hey girl we can make it easy if we lift each other. We don’t need to on oneing-up another.”

In a separate interview, Gaga gushed over Welch. “Florence is incredible. I can’t say enough nice things about her. She’s a lovely woman. A lovely friend. We made a beautiful record together that I’m very proud of. A record for women,” Gaga said. “It’s something that you kind of work your whole life to do – be able to work with an artist that you believe in as much as I believe in Florence. Her voice is sensational. She’s one of the greatest singers in the world.”

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Listen to Gaga’s entire 30-minute interview with Duran below:

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