Lady Gaga Fans Create A Petition To Trash Madonna's Grammy Performance

Madonna’s day just keeps getting worse.

First her entire super deluxe version of “Rebel Heart” leaked a month before its scheduled release, and now Lady Gaga’s fans are coming for ha Grammy performance. At this rate her “Living For Love” music video will land on the web tonight.

Madonna and Lady Gaga are the original Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The two take little digs at each other via their performances and social media with not a **** given, but ****’s getting real. Lady Gaga’s fans started a petition on to “trash Madonna at the Grammys on social media and praise Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.”

As if that won’t happen anyway.

The petition was already removed, but that didn’t stop Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary from commenting, rather, adding fuel to the fire.

The fact her manager’s even shedding light onto these stans’ shenanigans is its own form of sick and twisted entertainment. Real talk if Oseary worried as much about “Rebel Heart” as he does Little Monsters perhaps Madge’s 13th studio album might still be under lock & key.

Madonna responded to the “Rebel Heart” leak earlier today via Instagram, saying:

Current Mood! SMFH ! We live in a craZy world. With everything going on in the Universe we should all just be ❤️#livingforlove

Me at all of this:


Larry Rudolph would never.