Lady Gaga’s intergalactic space adventure will take two more trips around the sun.

Mother Monster dropped some very important news during the Friday (June 14) performance of Enigma at the Park Theatre in Las Vegas, the final show from the second leg: she’s extending the residency another two years.

Her year-long trek, consisting of 35 shows, isn’t scheduled to conclude until November of this year, but if everything goes according to plan… Gaga will remain in Vegas through 20121. She’s reportedly raking in $100 million for the ordeal, though that figure remains unconfirmed.

The reaction amongst Little Monsters is divided. Fans across the globe were hoping after her run she’d take Enigma on the road. Others understand how grueling a tour is on Gaga’s mind & body and respect her decision to stay put for the time being. However, both sides want LG6.

Gaga’s third leg of Enigma returns October 17th.

UPDATE: It’s official! Gaga added 12 more shows. Of course you can expect more to come. See the newly-announced dates below:


December 28
December 30
April 30
May 2
May 9
May 13
May 15

Jazz & Piano

December 31
May 3
May 7
May 10
May 16

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