Las Vegas will be caught in a bad romance for at least another year or two.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Gaga’s wildly popular Vegas residency, Enigma, you’re in luck.

The pop superstar told concert-goers this week she’ll be in Sin City for at least another year. “Two, probably.”

Gaga launched Enigma almost exactly one year ago. Her contract reportedly included two years worth of shows – if she extends for another two, that’ll bring Enigma into 2021.

A year ago, Gaga hinted at the three-year stay, telling fans: β€œI’m sticking around here for two years, maybe three if I’m lucky.”

Fingers crossed! Now give us LG6.

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  1. So we’re not gonna get LG6? If she releases it though it might underperform (the singles too) cause she won’t be allowed to perform it outside Begas and she can’t go on tour. Basically Britney Jean era. She should release LG6 first and promote for atleast 6 months and then go back to Vegas.

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