It appears Lady Gaga’s Enigma tour visuals are underway, and they’re quite a spectacle!

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Have you seen all of the Lady Gaga x Madonna feud fodder on the Internet this week? I’m sorry for that. After I posted Madonna’s vintage ~99 people~ clip on Instagram, then she re-posted it, I unknowingly (sort of) threw a canteen of pop napalm onto a fizzling ember and reignited the s––t out of it. More on that here.

Madonna might hold a grudge, but you know who remains unbothered? Mother Monster.

The pop star hasn’t responded to the drama. Instead, she’s hard at work on materializing Enigma, Gaga’s forthcoming show at the Park Theater in Las Vegas.

LG posted a couple of clips from rehearsals. She’s wearing a hi-tech body suit fitted with motion censors – likely for an interlude / screen background. In one clip, Gaga is dancing to ARTPOP track, Aura (hence the headline). Another finds her kneeling and simulating a breakdown. It’s a trip.

Most details regarding the show are under lock and key, but expect a spectacle of monster proportions. Enigma kicks off December 28.

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