Gaga and DJWS shared a glimpse at them recording new tunes last night!


We need to talk about Lady Gaga. First, she upped her Instagram game lately, and I am super here for it / impressed.

Second, she is hard at work on a new album with DJ White Shadow, and I am also super here for it / impressed.

If you’re an avid BreatheHeavy reader (I mean, you’re here aren’t you), you already know she’s spent a lot of time already with the hitmaker. DJWS even recently teased that the new work will share a likeness to ARTPOP (he said the new album is that record’s “little sister”). This is very exciting news, and they’re putting in the work to make it magical.

Gaga and DJWS shared a glimpse at them recording new tunes last night via Instagram, and per usual there’s not a single preview, but what you can take away from this is how comfortable they seem with one another. Watching Mother Monster make Joanne with Mark Ronson… the recording process felt really serious and heavy. This time around, Gaga looks like she’s having some guilt-free fun, and that will definitely translate in the music.

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