Come through, LG6!

Diplo and Mark Ronson continue to make new music together under their monicker, Silk City (they created “Electricity” with Dua Lipa). They’re back in the studio, and it appears they’ve got a collab with Lady Gaga in the works! That is, if we are to believe this micro-snippet is Mother Monster.

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Diplo shared a peek behind the curtain via his Instagram stories, and fans are under the impression the woman singing on the track is Gaga (listen to the preview below).

The timing is sus. Gaga recently changed her social media profile photos to the musical notes tattoo she recently inked, perhaps a signifier that new music is on the way. The rumors say she’s dropping the new single in May.

Mark Ronson said on Instagram live the new music is “incredible.”

Little Monsters also caught what appears to be Gaga recording with Anthony Rossomando. Rossomando and Ronson co-created “Shallow” with Gaga.

There’s buzz that Gaga was initially creating an electro-tinged album, but after the success of A Star Is Born decided to shift the sound.

Gaga is trying to be as secretive as she can about the new tunes, but there’s bread crumbs everywhere! NDAs going out in 3… 2…

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