Lady Gaga dresses up as a classic and eccentric bride.

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Lady Gaga lands on the cover of CR Fashion Book au naturel.

The magazine decided to publish the photos of Mother Monster without retouching. “I wanted to show her completely natural, all herself,” CR Fashion Book’s founder Carine Roitfeld told “It is the same idea about freedom. I wanted to show her completely natural, all herself.”

In it, she says of Madonna, “I always used to say to people when they would say, ‘Oh, she’s the next Madonna’: ‘No, I’m the next Iron Maiden.’”

“During the shoot, she gave me her diamond engagement ring to keep safe,” Roitfeld added. “I wore it the whole day next to my own diamond ring that my grandmother gave me. I felt like it was a big sign of trust between the two of us—and quite an expensive moment!”

Gaga was the clear choice for the magazine, who says “Lady Gaga perfectly represents what I mean by the classic eccentric to me. She is completely Gaga, but she is also a lady. In her music and art, she is so creative, always pushing the envelope . . . And yet she is classically trained, as well. As we saw with the jazz music, she can be both the modern pop star and still play the classic songs, giving them a modern twist. That is always what I love.”

The interviewer asks why Gaga is depicted as a bride and widow on the front and back covers.

“She is actually a bride on both covers,” Roitfeld continues. “One is the classic bride in white, the other is the eccentric bride who chooses to wear black . . . I decided to style her in that way for two reasons: The obvious one, of course, is that she is getting married soon, but also it represents how in this new era in her career, how she has come to marry these different sides of herself—how she has become free.”

Lady Gaga Covers CR Fashion Book Sans Photoshop

Photos via GagaDaily