Lady Gaga Collaborating With Fernando Garibay On LG5

April 12, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Garibay is responsible for almost every track on ‘Born This Way.’


Lady Gaga enlists Born This Way mastermind for her next studio album.

Gaga is crafting her next pop album with some key players that helped her skyrocket to super stardom. She’s tapped the legendary Nile Rogers, RedOne, DJ White Shadow, Giorgio Moroder and most recently, Fernando Garibay.

Garibay is responsible for nearly every song on Born This Way, including “Marry The Night,” “Born This Way,” “Government ******,” “Americano,” “Bloody Mary,” “Bad Kids,” “Highway Unicorn,” “Heavy Metal Lover” and “The Edge Of Glory.”

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Moroder recently spilled the beans Garibay is jumping in, saying: “I’m working now with one of the producers of that album, Fernando Garibay, we’re going to start to work on the project between the two of us.”

Garibay was tight-lipped last year when BreatheHeavy asked him about possibly working with Gaga on her upcoming album – saying he’s focused on releasing his own music, but said she’s a “great example of who’s brutally honest and genuine and holds no punches to getting her message across and being honest.”

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