Mother Monster faces backlash from a group of Chinese locals.

Lady Gaga landed in hot water with Chinese netizens in 2016 after meeting with the Dali Lama. Her in-depth talks with the spiritual leader promoted global kindness, but it appears the message fell on deaf ears. China reportedly banned Gaga from visiting the country after that, and it appears she reignited the embers of controversy.

Gaga followed what is thought to be an account on Twitter dedicated to the protests in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is fighting for its independence from China, but a new bill threatens their autonomy.

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A Weibo user with the account name “LadyGagaChinaOfficial” gained some notoriety this week for disavowing her fandom, saying China’s national interests should come first.

Thousands of Chinese locals began unfollowing Gaga, however, it might be for no legitimate reason.

Gaga follows 124,000 thousand accounts – it could very well be automated and not something she consciously decided. It’s also unlikely she personally follows people on Twitter. The activist account in question was also reportedly created by a troll to spark outrage, and if true… it worked.

Gaga will likely not comment on the ordeal.

In other news, it was just announced Gaga will headline a pre-Super Bowl show in Miami on Feb. 1.

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