Charli XCX does not live for the applause.

Charli has been labelled the pop star of the future, but she should revisit the past ASAP.

In a new interview, Charli was asked point-blank by the interviewer, a Lady Gaga stan, what her favorite song off ARTPOP was.

Charli said she had never heard the record before(!!!).

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It’s worth mentioning that in 2018 Charli said her favorite Gaga song of all time was “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly – it’s one of the staple singles from ARTPOP.

Obviously Charli is 100% pro LGBTQ, but this feels homophobic.

See the Tweets below, and Charli sis, if you’re reading this, there’s an embed of the album at the bottom of the post.

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