Céline Dion is a Little Monster!

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The iconic singer and fellow Las Vegas resident attended night two of Lady Gaga’s newly-launched show, Enigma.

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During Gaga’s explosive performance of “Bad Romance,” fans filmed Céline executing choreography and queening out. It’s a precious moment considering the two now share Vegas history together.

Gaga even dedicated her performance of “Yoü And I” to Céline.

“Give it up for Céline Dion,” Gaga shouted into the microphone to the audience. “She prayed with me and my entire crew backstage before this show. That is how amazing she is.”

Gaga added: “And when she was asked if she had any advice for me in Las Vegas, she said that I didn’t need it because I was strong and I knew what I was doing,” Gaga continued. “And Oh my God—I swear to you, the number of women that I can count on one hand that are supportive in this industry, it’s like, I would lose fingers, OK? You are amazing.”

“You’re supportive. You’re talented. You’re legendary and you’re kind,” Gaga said. “And I sang your songs over and over again as a child. I told you backstage ‘The Prayer’ with Andrea Bocelli is one of the most beautiful songs of all time.”

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Céline returned the compliments. “I had so much fun last night @ladygaga,” she wrote on social media. “Your energy on stage is contagious and you literally took my breath away! I wish you all the best with your #Vegas residency!”

If it wasn’t for Céline’s 10-year run in Sin City, artists like Britney, Gaga, Bruno Mars, and many more might have never stood a chance.

Watch the moment unfold below:

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