Lady Gaga Celebrates Tenth VEVO Certification, Posts Series of Endlessly Entertaining Interviews

January 12, 2015 By Aaron

Lady Gaga Celebrates Tenth VEVO Certification, Posts Series of Endlessly Entertaining Interviews

Lady Gaga’s been talking about, well, Lady Gaga.

It’s been a reasonably quiet few months over at camp Gaga, with the pop-star-turned-jazz-enthusiast keeping her head down, only popping up to threaten Madonna with black magic, preach the power of friendship and promote her new(ish) duets album with oldest living North American, Tony Bennett.

But despite going Vevo Certified for “Applause” well over a year ago, homegirl only just got around to picking up her trophies, and whilst at Vevo HQ (presumably?) she sat down to have a little chat about “ArtPop,” her music videos and what it all really means.

I know, but check out a selection of her revelations below:

On shooting the “Just Dance” video:

“I’m a record label’s nightmare, I wanted champaign everywhere and girls taking their tops off.”

Because booze and *** don’t sell records, so I’m sure Interscope were in a state of pure panic.


“‘ARTPOP’ came out of a person that is intensely independent, intensely creative and intensely rebellious that’s trapped in a cage.”

I’ve lost track of how many things ‘ARTPOP’ has been about, so I suppose we’ll just add this to the list.

“For me it was about returning to what I love about music… Not necessarily what everybody loves.”

On the artRAVE:

“I wanted to make something that we had never made before, and that nobody else had ever made before… It’s like a trip. You know from the minute you walk in the arena that you’re not on this planet anymore.”

Lady Gaga preparing for her performance in space (no really, I’m not joking) by simulating extra-terrestrial environments in arenas all around the world.

On her career:

“You’ve got to really stick to your artistic word, to me if you’re worth your salt, if you have a vision. And I’ve always wanted to with every record create an individual world and feeling, so that when you look back at my career, and listen to each album and look at the fans growing and look at the tours and really understand who I was.”


“You have to care about it, it’s your work.”


You see, that’s where my snark runs out (I know, shocking.) Because let’s be real, aren’t there a couple of pop stars you just wish would care a bit more? You just wish would promote a bit harder, or talk a bit more often, or be a bit more involved? You can say what you like about Lady Gaga, and lord knows I do, but you can’t deny that her passion has always been both her greatest asset and her greatest weakness.

Check out one of the interviews below and see what you think… You might love it, you might hate it, as is the way with Gaga. Whatever you think of her or these monologues, they’re interesting, and a bit delusional, and whether it’s intentional or not (spoiler alert: it’s probably not) they’re hilarious.

What do you think? Is Gaga ten steps ahead or two steps behind?