Lady Gaga gives a new interview to discuss her upcoming performance at the big game.


UPDATE: Lady Gaga sat down with Nate Burleson from the NFL Network to relay how excited she is to perform the National Anthem. “I was so excited, it’s such an honor and a total dream come true. I’ve always wanted to sing the national anthem at a major sporting event since I was a little girl… And for it to be the super bowl is just kind of the ultimate.”

She adds it’s “one of the highest honors” in her career. “I get a chance to sing for all the athletes who have been working so hard their whole lives for this moment, the coaches, as well as the fans in the stands who are waiting for this moment and I think it marks really what being an American is all about: working hard and that being the ultimate pay off for the champion is hard work.”

Will Gaga make any changes to make it her own? Find out…

Lady Gaga is preparing for the Super Bowl.

Someone, somewhere, caught Lady Gaga in a red dress, hair done, getting ready to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday… and we’re not ready for the slayage. Neither is Nile Rogers. He defends Gaga in the press this week, saying:

“Gaga sings the paint off the walls, and is not just a good singer, she is a great artist,” Rodgers said via Facebook. “These negative remarks sound like when Bowie decided to work with ‘the disco guy,’ or when I decided to work with Madonna. I find it so weird that people don’t get Gaga’s greatness. I’ve played wth her with symphony orchestras, Elton John and others and she killed it every time? What do you guys think makes a great artist? I’m scratching my head. Give me 50 Gagas any day of the week!”

Check out aerial footage of Gaga rehearsing:

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