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And in inexplicable celebrity alliance news, Lady Gaga and Adele having been enjoying a girl’s night in.

Celebrity friendships are a weird and wonderful thing. We simultaneously love and hate the idea of Selena Gomez sobbing outside Taylor Swift’s birthday party, and Rihanna snubbing Katy Perry’s wedding invite (remember that? ah, for simpler times), but some celeb pairings just make absolutely no sense. I think it’s safe to say that the newly-found bond between jazz starlet Lady Gaga and soul master Adele falls squarely into the latter category. That is unless there’s more to their date than just wine and selfies…

Find out the full details below:

Taking to Instagram last night, the “LoveGame” star posted this snap, taken at her home in Los Angeles, which has lead to speculation about what might be next in store for pop’s newest power couple:

Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele.

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Whilst, of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to suggest that the two chart toppers merely got together for a ‘bro-down’ (if anyone could explain to me exactly what that means, I’d be extremely grateful), there is a distinct possibility that this indicates a collaboration in the not-so-distant future. Adele, as we all know, has a new album on the horizon – although no one really knows when that’ll be dropping – and Gaga’s back in the studio with everyone from “Bad Romance” producer RedOne to the legendary Nile Rodgers. As two of the most powerful women in music, working together theoretically makes sense for both of them.

There’s a feeling that Gaga’s new project will be moving away from her ultra-EDM roots, given that she’s spoken repeatedly about how limiting dance music can be and how jazz saved her life, so getting Adele on board for a featured spot on her next album could be a good move. Adele could lend some much needed soul to Gaga’s music – soul that we know Gaga’s capable of vocally, but maybe not lyrically yet.

On the other hand, Gaga featuring on Adele’s record makes arguably less sense – aside from the fact that Adele has yet to feature another artist on any track of hers, she has done a pretty good job of establishing herself as an artist who doesn’t need to pull tricks or employ gimmicks to achieve huge levels of chart success. And whilst Gaga has definitely proven that she’s more than a gimmick, there would undoubtedly be cynics who’d see a Gaga feature as cheapening of Adele’s brand.

Then of course there’s the possibility that we’re making far too much of one selfie and that there’ll be no collab at all. Who knows at this stage? What we do know is that we’ll be checking for both girl’s upcoming projects although details on when either will be dropping are few and far between.

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