Lady Gaga shared a video for “Always Remember Us This Way” off the soundtrack for A Star Is Born.

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If you haven’t seen Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s movie yet, you’re outnumbered.

A Star Is Born just surpassed La La Land in domestic sales and is the soundtrack is No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for a third consecutive week.

One of the standout tracks, “Always Remember Us This Way,” is getting some special attention (as it deserves).

There’s a proper video for it – highlighting footage from the film and Gaga’s character Ally’s impromptu performance of it in the film.

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It’s one of my personal favs from the LP. Gaga’s vocals sound crisp and honest, but more importantly it’s one of the key moments that inspires Ally to take a leap of faith. Going for your dreams is scary, and we’re all faced with moments like these where we can either run away, or run head-on. Ally goes for it.

The cheering at the end. I’m cryingggg.

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Check it out below:

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