Lady Gaga: All The ‘Joanne’ Era Music Videos Are A Continuation

December 15, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Gaga’s next ‘Joanne’ music video will pick up where “Million Reasons” left off.

Lady Gaga’s next Joanne music video will pick up where “Million Reasons” left off.

Gaga premiered her new visual for the Hillary Lindsey co-penned ballad on Wednesday, which began where “Perfect Illusion” ended.

Little Monsters had a hard time understanding the connection.

There was definitely crying in the desert, and a touching moment receiving a gift from her younger sister, but the overwhelming reaction from fans was disappointment – namely because it was thought to have had a shocking moment, which, leading up to the premiere, was thought to have been the Escalades charging up to kidnap Gaga, but turns out they were just her car service.

And there’s more where that came from.

Gaga recorded a self-made video revealing all the music videos off the record relate to one another.

“This video picks up right where the ‘Perfect Illusion’ video left off, and each video after will do the same.”

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