Kylie Minogue’s new single is on the way!


Kylie Minogue announced her next Golden single, “Stop Me From Falling,” drops Friday at 8 a.m. GMT.

She didn’t confirm whether it features Gente de Zona, but we’ll know soon enough.

See her announcement and the single art for the track below, then continue reading the full story after that:

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Kylie Minogue filmed a music video for a new song called “Stop Me From Falling” featuring Gente de Zona.

The Australian pop princess has her sights set on the second single from her forthcoming album, Golden. It’s rumored the track will premiere on March 16 and the video a week or two after that. It follows “Dancing.” Listen to a gleaming new remix of it here.

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How do we know this? Kylie was spotted shooting a video for the track in Havana, Cuba, last week. A fan-filmed video of Kylie on set is online and features some of the track’s audio, but unfortunately we cannot point you in the right direction. I may or may not have heard it though, and it may or may not be a bop.

See a tiny glimpse at what you can expect the video to look like below:

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