Her fiancé Joshua Sasse started a campaign to make waves.



Kylie Minogue would love to tie the knot with fiancé Joshua Sasse in her hometown of Melbourne, but refuses to do so until marriage equality laws are passed throughout Australia.

“There are chances of a Melbourne wedding … [but] we will not get married until this law has passed in Australia,” Sasse told Network Seven on Thursday.

Sasse isn’t satisfied to wait around to marry his honey, either. He launched a campaign named “Say I Do Down Under” to promote the cause, which is the most courageous (and adorable) thing I’ve seen in a minute.

“Have you ever been in love? Are you in love? Could you imagine yourself there one day?”, he writes. “Imagine too then, having your government deny you that right — what if you couldn’t marry that person. Your person. I was shocked to find out earlier this year that same-*** marriage in Australia is still illegal.”

Australian actress Margot Robbie rocked one of the Say I Do Down Under shirts during her hosting stint on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last weekend.

The country’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull plans on a national referendum on same-*** marriage, which is scheduled to take place in February, Time reports.

“There are many hurdles in order to achieve marriage equality, but we are now the closest we’ve ever been to that change,” Sasse said.

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