Kylie is drenched in rhinestones and line-dancing.

Kylie Minogue shared a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming music video for “Dancing.”

SPOILER ALERT: I think Kylie’s upcoming “Dancing” clip will be a cute cowgirl extravaganza with cookie-cutter choreography. If you’re OK with this, you may continue.

The Australian pop star gave fans a glimpse of the upcoming video before it premieres on Friday, Feb. 1.

“I have danced more than I have danced in years,” she says. In it, Kylie is drenched in rhinestones and line-dancing.

When I initially heard Kylie’s new music was on the way, I low-key hoped for a disco-tinged pop banger and a sizzling video to-match. Instead, she’s giving us country camp. The song is sugary sweet with an inspiring message about living life to the fullest, and I can’t be mad at that. Can I?

Watch the sneak peek below:

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  1. I think we should stop being condescending towards our female artists, especially the oldest ones in the business… The queens, basically. Kylie has done the album cycle THIRTEEN TIMES already, and has just started her fourteenth round, so the girl has played the game and come up with a bazillion sounds and personas throughout the years. Thinking, wishing or even demanding what she should sound or look like now is ridiculous at this point, and wrong if we believe that we know better. It’s time for us to sit back, relax and just enjoy a super talented, original, motivated, and well-rounded popstar, like very few exist and have existed in the world. I am not exaggerating (the younger generations can do their homework easily with google and youtube). I’m sure in a few years we’ll be able to look back and have own very own opinions on which eras were better or more successful or simply our favourite, but there’s no doubt that we’ve been getting quality from Kylie from some years now.

    * EDIT: ………..and do not even get me started on the general attitude towards men in the business… And I’m not just saying this because now it’s cool to be a feminist. **** is real. Just look at Justin Timberlake. The guy has been working with the saaaaame people for years and YEARS now, absolutely scared to take musical chances, and can only dress in suits and ties or like a homeless person. But what do we DEMAND from our girls? To look flawless, make fashion statements and start trends and just look iconic each time, to dance their ***** off, to take risks but be appealing to the masses but at the same time suitable for dancing at clubs, etc etc. I love all that, I truly do, but we’ve already gotten the best from that world and I’m sure that we’ll keep getting it from the new girls or even the pros, so why don’t we shut up and let queens like Kylie freaking REIGN?! And let’s start asking male artists to STEP UP. I mean Bruno Mars is amazing, isn’t he? Yes he is……………………….. now ask him to go EDM or to dress other than like a young Hugh Hefner or a nineties’ cartoon and we lose him.

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