Kylie Minogue Releasing A

Kylie Minogue is making innovative music right here right now out later.

Kylie’s enlisting the help of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” producer, Fernando Garibay, and man of the hour Giorgio Moroder. She realizes her album “Kiss Me Once” flopped (in sales) and wants to try out some new ish to get back on the charts.

“She is doing another EP with our friend Fernando who did most of GaGa’s Born This Way,” Giorgio tells the Daily Star, adding that Kylie is a “darling”.

He meant DAHLING.

“There’s four tracks that are very **** and very uncommercial – beautiful new sounds.”

Kylie recently worked with Moroder, releasing his album’s lead single “Right Here Right Now.” He also collaborated with Charli XCX and Britney Spears, who has yet to finish her work, so he might ask Lady Gaga to jump in to save the day.

“[Kylie] asked me if I could do a little talk in Italian on her music. She wanted it really ****, like a Latin lover – heavy breathing. I think she was quite happy.”

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“She told me: ‘I should have worked with you ten years ago.'”

It’s refreshing hearing about a popstar unapologetically trying new sounds. Are you here for this?