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Kylie’s been chatting about ageism, #FallenMadonna and ‘Kiss Me Once’s’ disappointing commercial performance.

Never one to shy away from the tough questions, Australia’s premier pop princess had some very revealing things to say to the Herald Sun about her latest album and the state of the industry for women over 40.

Check out her thoughts on the sales of 2014’s ‘Kiss Me Once’ and getting radio play after almost 30 years in the spotlight:

In anticipation of the Australian leg of her sold out ‘Kiss Me Once Tour’, Kylie’s been making the press rounds down under and didn’t hold back her opinion when questioned about the fact that her latest LP failed to make much of an impact on anyone other than her die-hard fans:

“Maybe it didn’t do as well because it wasn’t good enough or it didn’t deserve more, who knows? Even in retrospect it’s hard to say why something works or it doesn’t. It’s dependent on what else is out there, the way it’s promoted.”

It’s really interesting that she mentions promotion because that was likely far more problematic in the reception of ‘Kiss Me Once’ than the material itself. Sure, it wasn’t Minogue’s best effort yet and certainly didn’t match the dizzying heights of 2010’s outstanding ‘Aphrodite’, but it was a far stronger attempt than many of her contemporaries who outsold Kylie last year.

In reality, the fact that RocNation relied so heavily on Minogue’s tenure on The Voice UK and The Voice Aus to bring her music into public consciousness was probably more of an issue. Add to that some dodgy single choices and a distinct disinterest from radio, similar to that which Madonna’s faced in the last few months, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The “Spinning Around” star acknowledged that like Madge, “some radio stations have put [her] out to pasture,” commenting that “there’s common ground for myself and Madonna there.” She also, very reasonably pointed out that “people don’t want to see Madonna in an old Greek lady’s house dress on the stoop, do they? They want glamour, they want fantasy.”

On the topic of the material girl, Miss Minogue also spoke about the topic du jour, Madonna’s dramatic stage fall at last month’s Brit Awards:

“I absolutely felt for her. With big performances like that, so much thought and time and attention to detail goes into everything … But she had a marvellous recovery. I think it’s actually a good reminder that Madonna’s human.”

You can check out the interview in its entirety here and I thoroughly recommend you do because it’s a fascinating read. Kylie also talks about working with Giorgio Moroder, throwing shade on Instagram and getting back into acting.

Why do YOU think ‘Kiss Me Once’ under-performed?