Absolutely anything and anything at all.

Kylie Minogue Premieres "Absolutely Anything" Music Video

Kylie Minogue glimmers in new “Absolutely Anything And Anything At All” music video.

Kylie Minogue’s new song “Absolutely Anything And Anything At All” from the animated movie “Absolutely Anything” starring Kate Beckinsale, Simon Pegg and Robin Williams will get you out of your seat and dancing like you can do or be absolutely anything. Her latest ditty is most likely a far departure from the sound Minogue is aiming for on her forthcoming disco-inspired Christmas record. She’s apparently halfway through recording it and “will include a mixture of festive classics and even some original material,” a source told The Sun last month. They added, “she wants to take her time on a new release but can’t be away from the charts for long, so a Christmas album is the obvious choice.”

Hey, if Kylie Minogue wants to make a disco-influenced holiday record she can. She can do absolutely anything. Watch the new music video here: